The Power of Referrals:

Throughout my years in practice, I have had the privilege and blessing of having phenomenal patients, who have consistently referred family members, friends and fellow co-workers to me because they have received tremendous benefit from the excellent services I provide to patients. In my opinion, it is the ultimate complement and highest personal honor to have someone referred to me by another patient. I too take great personal pleasure in referring to others those goods and services that I have found to be particularly useful or beneficial. So, if you know or run into someone who is having pain, or experiencing some form of "dis-ease" please do me the honor of telling them where they can get the help they need. Who knows---you may powerfully affect their lives---for our health affects everything we do and everyone we know! Essentially, I am asking for your help in "helping me to help others," so in the next 90 days if I have delivered great service and helped you to come closer to your personal goals, I would be honored if your were to tell three people about the services I provide.

Thanks for spreading the good word!

Naturally yours,

Dr. Kennedy